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Storytelling comes in all shapes and forms, one of our favorite mediums being still images. Stylizing a single frame can tell the viewer all they need to know in one flick. Whether we are building a set, documenting the times or recapping the events of one night, we will make sure your narrative is clear and in focus.

Creative Direction

World building can begin with one colored light or a simple choice of outfit. Using everything at our disposal; our art direction, keen eye for aesthetics and professional equipment will bring your concepts from mood board to final edit.


Living in the Washington DC Metropolitan area means there is no shortage of important happenings that need to be documented. Our team of storytellers developed their style journaling real life drama.


Although the Capital is known for its politics, tourists and locals alike know The District as a destination for events and nightlife. Our team has been shooting photos and recaps for over 5 years, you can feel confident with us covering your next event.