Our Team

Aaron “Errand Boy” Hernandez, Cinematographer/Editor

Aaron Hernandez is a decade long professional of the audio/visual industry. Born in the diverse atmosphere that is Washington DC, Aaron uses his roots as a 1st Generation Salvadoran American to create unique art using sound, music and images.

Aaron attended The New England Institute of Art graduating with a degree in Audio Production. Then using his love for sound he discovered his passion for cameras and visuals, capturing both still and motion pictures. After combining his favorite mediums he has become a skilled filmmaker who has worked with many local organizations, artists and brands names such as Pepsi and Under Armour.

Now a seasoned veteran of the arts, Aaron owns and operates his own studio in Rockville, Maryland. A man of his community, he strives to instill in the next generation the best qualities and a true passion for creativity.

Emmanuel “Eman The Cameraman” Gratz, Photographer/Editor

While working to attain his Bachelor’s degree in digital communication from University of Maryland,  Emmanuel Gratzimi joined Future History Lab in 2013.  He first came on as a videographer, boom operator, photographer, and assistant editor.

Since that time, in addition to publishing two books independently, Emmanuel has worked on and assisted in film making, commercial production, media marketing, screenwriting, photography, sound, and directing, and has seen his works reach thousands of viewers. His production style draws heavily from seamless realism with hints of fine art  photography. When not shooting or editing, Emmanuel enjoys spending time in nature, intaking art, writing, and creating concepts for future projects.